Under a Newlight’s inpirations

Under New Light’s inspirations come from all sides. It ‘s influenced by beautiful poems, song lyrics, photography, festive colors that are typically found in the indigenous clothing of my home country Peru, sunny beaches, and ethnic cultures, such as Tibetan and Native Americans, that I discovered in other countries where I’ve lived. I’m inspired by memories of a place, experiences from my hometown or maybe from where I spent or am spending part of my life. Going a little further, I like geometric forms and using elementary geometry studies. One never truly knows, but our creations evolve and change as we grow.

The things that recently inspired me were the beautiful memories of holiday seasons in Nanjing, China. The Chinese usually decorate their houses and streets with beautiful art of hand-cut paper. I like combining this hand-cut style on leather with a touch of geometric principle, or with a glimpse of nature.

Below is the beautiful paper cuts that can be found in China. They’re habitually seen during the Spring festival.

Las inspiraciones de Under a New Light llegan por todos lados, estan influenciados en bellos poemas, letras de canciones, la fotografia, los colores festivos de mi cultura reflejados en los colores de vestimentas indigenas de mi tierra Peru, las playas soleadas, la cultura etnica del pais donde he vivido me apego bastante al tibet y a los nativos americanos. El recuerdo de un lugar, las vivencias en mi ciudad natal o tal vez los lugares donde he pasado y estoy pasando parte de mi vida.  Llendo un poco mas lejos a formas geometricas, estudios de geometria elemental, y uno nunca sabe verdaremente. Las creaciones evolucionan y las inspiraciones cambian asi como crecemos.

Lo ultimo en que me he inspirado son en los bellos recuerdos de temporadas festivas en Nanjing-China, en las decoraciones que habitualmente los chinos ponen en sus casas y en sus calles con los bellos arte de papel cortado a mano, Me gusta combinar este tecnica en cuero  con un pequeno principio geometrico, o asociandolo a la naturaleza.

Abajo les muestro los maravillosos cortes de papel en China, que habitulmente los he visto en sus festival de primavera.

And then, here is my work based on this technique, but with a geometric principle and natural touch.

Y luego les muestro mi trabajo basado en esa tecnica, pero dandole un principio geometrico y un toque natural.

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Gracias Chicas por darme este pequenito espacio para expresarme !! :D



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Me encanto este articulo!!! Ese pendiente de pluma es espectacular!!

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I loved to know about your muses! Thank you!

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Wow! That's a really neat awnser!

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Now that's sbulte! Great to hear from you.

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Now that's sublte! Great to hear from you.

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I might be baeintg a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

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This could not possibly have been more hpelufl!