Weekend Deal - March 19/21, 2010

Cada una de las tiendas que encuentras abajo ofrecen descuentos especiales para tus ordenes en este fin de semana desde el viernes 19 de marzo hasta el domingo 21. Encuentra cada oferta individual y las secciones de oferta entre los items expuestos más abajo. En casi todos los casos, los descuentos ya han sido aplicados, pero si ves que no es así. escribe "Weekend Deal" en Message to Seller durante el Checkout.
Encuentra muchos maravillosos artículos en el ESEtsy Team.

Each of the shops below offers special discounts on your order this weekend from Friday, March 19, through Sunday, March 21. Find the individual discount and sale sections beneath each item below. In most of the cases discounts are just applied, but if you don't find it, just enter the code "Weekend Deals" in the Message to Seller field during Checkout to take advantage of the sale. 
Find a lot of wonderful items in the ESEtsy Team.

Free Shipping
By mariagotijoyas, $74.

Free Shipping Usa and Canada

Blue Bobby Hair Set

Free Shipping
By MissBird, $10.

Silver Beaded Beads Necklace

Free Shipping
By SarahRobinL, $36.


20% off baby section

Vana skirt

25% off entire order
By VanesaLamura, $45.
View Item | View Shop

Quirky earrings with garnets

Free Shipping Usa and Canada
By aroluna, $27.

Pascualita Pink Easter bunny lovey

Free Shipping

Magenta beads - flower necklace

Buy 1 get the 2nd 10%off
By emeeme, $40.

Signs of the Zodiac - Aries

Buy 2 and get the 3rd free
By krize, $19.

Ring Little Red Riding Hood

Free Shipping
By Pizpireta, $24.

Nature filigree. Earrings.

Free Shipping
By lunahoo, $21.

Arrecifes Coralinos

Free Shipping + $5 discount
every order
By dualchocolate, $48.
 Set of 9 Different Notebooks

50% off sets section
By Ciaffi, $28.50

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